Private Investigations

We know from many years of receiving new enquiries that some people find it daunting to call a private investigator for the first time. We are approachable, will put you at ease and won’t make you feel under any pressure to take things further than your initial phone call.

You may suspect your partner or spouse of being dishonest but be unable to find any further or specific information. We undertake many cheating partner, matrimonial and relationship investigations. Our services will provide you with peace of mind or the information you need in order to make your own decisions and be more in control of your future.

For the purposes of a divorce or financial settlement, you may need proof of adultery or that your spouse is cohabiting with a new partner. We can carry out the professional surveillance required to provide the information and evidence you will require.

Perhaps you have started a relationship and are unsure of your new partner’s situation or of certain things you have been told. Possibly he or she may be less than forthcoming with personal details, some things may just not add up or you may simply want peace of mind that things are as you have been led to believe. We can undertake a background check for your reassurance and to separate fact from fiction.

Online dating and never met the person you are chatting to? If something doesn’t seem right we can check out his or her authenticity. If you have been asked for money, you may be talking to an internet scammer. We can save you a lot of heartache and regret further down the line if it transpires your prospective date is not genuine.

There may be a time when you have concerns about your property or about what is happening in or around your home or office when you are not there. We would be pleased to quote for installing covert cameras in order to provide you with the evidence you would be unable to capture by other means.

You may be looking to locate a long-lost friend or associate, or you may be owed money by a debtor who has disappeared. We have a very high success rate in people tracing, most of which we undertake on a ‘no success no fee’ basis.

There are many other scenarios and we would be happy to listen to your individual situation before advising on how we can assist. Please call or send an email and be assured that anything you tell us will be kept in strict confidence.