GPS Vehicle Tracking

Our GPS vehicle trackers are available for accurate, real-time, minute by minute reporting. The units are compact and the battery life is excellent. The GPS trackers can be hired by the week at a competitive fixed cost for unlimited tracking, and in some circumstances can be deployed by one of our operatives. The trackers can be used worldwide, with no roaming charges or additional costs for vehicle tracking outside the UK.

Reporting is viewed on a web-based tracking panel which is easy to use, with clear mapping displayed using Google Maps and Street View. Clients may log into the tracking panel from a computer or by free smart phone app to view real-time monitoring and the location history reports which are retained for the duration of the assignment.

The tracking panel is easily customised for the specific task. If required, an automatic alert may be set up to inform the user within a few seconds of the GPS unit moving or when it enters or exits a pre-defined zone. The movement alert can be sent to the client’s computer or mobile phone.

A screen shot is below of the tracking panel and a unit which was not on an assignment, and some details have been removed.